Airfix has been producing plastic model kits for many years, this page is for their starter and gift sets.

This list is for the items that should currently be in the Hornby warehouse or forthcoming
Click here for the old items
Postage is set for metropolitan France. If you need delivery elsewhere then please start from the home page. E & O E. Illustrations are indicative only, production items may differ. Last update 20-10-2020
A50009 €31.04 D-Day Battlefront Gift Set 1:76
A50009A €31.04 D-Day 75th Anniversary Battlefront Gift Set 1:76
A50069 €19.79 Jul-20 HMS Belfast Gift Set
A50089B €14.84 Jun-20 Medium Starter Set - Aston Martin DB5 Silver
A50135 €22.94 Spitfire MkIa and Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 Dogfight Doubles Gift Set 1:72
A50146A €62.09 Large Gift Set RMS Titanic 1:400
A50156A €31.04 D-Day 75th Anniversary Sea Assault Gift Set 1:76
A50162A €62.09 D-Day 75th Anniversary Operation Overlord Gift Set 1:76
A50164A €31.04 Medium Gift Set RMS Titanic 1:700
A50182 €38.69 Jul-20 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
A50183 €26.09 Oct-20 Messerschmitt Me262 & P-51D Mustang Dogfight Double
A50184 €22.94 Oct-20 Grumman F-4F4 Wildcat & Mitsubishi Zero Dogfight Double
A50185 €31.04 Jul-20 Mig 17F Fresco Douglas A-4B Skyhawk Dogfight Double
A50186 €20.69 Aug-20 Classic Conflict Tiger 1 vs Sherman Firefly
A50187 €20.69 Oct-20 Best of British Spitfire and Hawk
A50188 €36.44 Dec-20 Rally Car Collection
A55001 €10.34 Dec-20 Small Beginners Set Supermarine Spitfire MkVc
A55002 €10.34 Dec-20 Small Beginners Set Red Arrows Hawk
A55003 €10.34 Dec-20 Small Beginners Set Sherman Firefly
A55004 €10.34 Dec-20 Small Beginners Set Tiger 1
A55100 €10.34 Small Starter Set - Supermarine Spitfire MkIa Starter Set 1:72
A55105 €10.34 Small Starter Set - RAF Red Arrows Gnat Starter Set 1:72
A55106 €10.34 Small Starter Set - Messerschmitt Bf109E-3 Starter Set 1:72
A55111 €10.34 Small Starter Set - Hawker Hurricane MkI Starter Set 1:72
A55114 €10.34 Starter Set Mary Rose 1:400
A55116 €9.89 Small Starter Set - Hunting Percival Jet Provost T3 1:72
A55116A €10.34 Availabl Small Starter Set - Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.4
A55117 €10.34 Starter Set Jeep MB 1:72
A55122 €13.49 Dec-20 Small Starter Set Ford Focus WRC
A55123 €13.49 Dec-20 Small Starter Set Peugeot 205 T16 'Paris - Dakar'
A55124 €13.49 Dec-20 Small Starter Set Peugeot 206 WRC
A55125 €13.49 Dec-20 Small Starter Set Subaru Impreza WRC
A55201 €14.84 Medium Starter Set - Triumph Herald 1:32
A55202C €14.84 Availabl Medium Starter Set - RAF Red Arrows Hawk
A55204 €14.84 Medium Starter Set - De Havilland Vampire T11 1:72
A55207 €14.84 Medium Starter Set - VW Beetle 1:32
A55208 €14.84 Medium Starter Set - Hawker Typhoon Ib 1:72
A55210 €14.39 Infanterie allemande 2nde Guerre Mondiale Multipose Starter Set 1:32
A55213 €14.84 Medium Starter Set - Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I 1:72
A55300 €19.79 Large Starter Set - BAe Harrier GR9A 1:72
A55301 €19.79 Large Starter Set - Panavia Tornado F3 1:72
A55306 €20.69 Large Starter Set - Jaguar XKRGT 1:32
A55307A €19.79 Availabl Large Starter Set - Westland Sea King HAR.3
A55308 €19.79 Large Starter Set - Ford 3 Litre GT 1:32
A55309 €19.79 Sep-20 Large Starter Set - Maserati Indy
A55310 €20.69 Large Starter Set - MINI Cooper S 1:32
A55311 €19.79 Large Starter Set - McDonnell Douglas F-15A Strike Eagle 1:72
A55312 €19.79 Large Starter Set - General Dynamics F-16A/B Fighting Falcon 1:72
A55313 €19.79 Large Starter Set - McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet 1:72
A55314 €19.79 Large Starter Set RMS Titanic 1:1000

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