Airfix has been producing plastic model kits for many years, this page is for their range of military figures, often used in dioramas and wargaming as well as general play. The 1:72-1-76 "OO" sized figures are made of a more resilient plastic than the polystyrene used in most kits.

This list is for those items that can not be ordered right now, having sold out or been retired
Click here for the currently orderable items
A00709 €5.39 WWII British 8th Army, 1:72˙
A00709V €5.95 jan 2022 WWII British 8th Army
A00711 €5.39 WWII Afrika Corps, 1:72
A00711V €5.95 jan 2022 WWII Afrika Corps
A00716 €5.39 WWII US Marines, 1:72
A00726V €5.95 Dispon WWI Infanterie Allemande 1:76
A00727V €5.95 Dispon WWI Infanterie Britannique 1:76
A00728V €5.95 Dispon WWI Infanterie Fran‡aise 1:76
A00731V €5.95 Dispon WWI Royal House Artillery 1:76
A00741V €5.95 Astronauts 1:76
A00748V €5.95 USAAF Personnel 1:76
A00751 €5.39 WWII US Paratroops , 1:72
A00763 €4.49 WWII British Infantry N. Europe 1:72

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