Airfix has been producing plastic model kits for many years, this page is for their range of military vehicle models, principally 1:76 and 1:35 scale.

This list is for those items that can not be ordered right now, having sold out or been retired
Click here for the currently orderable items
A01302V €6.95 dec 2021 Panther
A01303 €6.29 Sherman M4 Mk1 Tank 1:76
A01303V €6.29 Sherman M4 Mk1 1:76
A01308 €6.29 Tiger Tank 1:76
A01308V €6.29 Tiger 1 1:76
A01311V €6.95 dec 2021 SDKFZ Armoured Car 1:76
A01315V €6.95 nov 2021 WWI Male Tank Mk.I
A02320V €10.44 Aug-19 Sherman Crab 1:76
A02321V €10.44 Aug-19 Churchill Crocodile 1:76
A02335V €9.44 Matilda Hedgehog Tank 1:76
A02340 €11.44 dec 2021 Higgins LCVP 1:72
A02341 €11.44 Oct-20 Sherman Firefly
A06361 €26.09 Dispon 17 Pdr Anti-Tank Gun 1:32
A1358 €24.36 M3 Stuart "Honey" (British Version) 1:35
A1367 €25.36 WWII U.S. Military Tractor
A1373 €34.32 Jul-20 Cruiser Mk.VIII A27M Cromwell Mk.IV
A1374 €34.32 Oct-20 Cruiser Mk.VIII A27M Cromwell Mk.VI
A75004 €16.19 European Country Cottage Ruin 1:76
MUH050481 €0.00 Airfix Battles Bonus Force Deck
MUH50360 €26.09 Airfix Battles Introductory Wargame

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