Airfix has been producing plastic model kits for many years, this page is for their range of easy assembly quick-build plastic models intended for those starting out in model making. Unlike some previous clip-together models these use a stud system and, unless glued for a permanent assembly, may be rebuilt.

This list is for the items that should currently be in the Hornby warehouse or forthcoming
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Postage is set for metropolitan France. If you need delivery elsewhere then please start from the home page. E & O E. Illustrations are indicative only, production items may differ. Last update 13-11-2021
J6000 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Spitfire
J6000 €14.91 QUICKBUILD Spitfire
J6001 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Messerschmitt Bf109
J6001 €14.91 QUICKBUILD Messerschmitt Bf109
J6002 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Eurofighter Typhoon
J6003 €13.49 QUICKBUILD BAE Hawk
J6004 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Apache
J6008 €0.00 Airfix QUICK BUILD Bugatti Veyron
J6009 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Harrier
J6010 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Challenger Tank - Desert
J6013 €0.00 Airfix QUICK BUILD McLaren P1
J6016 €13.49 QUICKBUILD P-51D Mustang
J6017 €15.74 QUICKBUILD VW Camper Van - Red
J6018 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Red Arrows Hawk
J6019 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Lamborghini Aventador - White
J6020 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Bugatti 16 4 Veyron black red
J6021 €13.49 QUICKBUILD McLaren P1 Green
J6022 €13.49 QUICKBUILD Challenger Tank - Green
J6023 €13.49 QUICKBUILD VW Beetle - Yellow
J6024 €15.74 QUICKBUILD VW Camper Van - Blue
J6031 €14.84 QUICKBUILD Flower-Power VW Beetle Green
J6032 €17.99 QUICKBUILD VW Camper Van Surfin
J6033 €13.49 Availabl QUICKBUILD Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY
J6034 €13.49 Jun-20 QUICKBUILD Audi TT Coupe
J6036 €13.49 Dec-20 QUICKBUILD Ford Mustang GT
J6037 €15.74 Nov-20 QUICKBUILD Ford F-150 Raptor
J6040 €15.74 Sep-20 QUICKBUILD F-35B Lightning II
J6044 €13.49 Aug-20 QUICKBUILD Bugatti Chiron
J6045 €13.49 QUICKBUILD D-Day Spitfire
J6046 €13.49 QUICKBUILD D-Day P-51D Mustang
J6047 €17.99 Availabl QUICKBUILD Coca-Cola VW Camper Van
J6048 €14.84 Availabl QUICKBUILD Coca Cola VW Beetle
J6049 €15.29 aug 2021 QUICKBUILD Audi R8 Coupe

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